Solution Architect

Taking business, product, & user requirments; I help you deliver a solution that any development team can implement.

I work closely with stakeholders, product managers, UX teams, and developers to deliver great results.


From prototypes and MVP’s, to working software, I’m still an active developer.

Knowing which tool to use means keeping core skills up to date; PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, to name a few.

Start-up Consultancy

I sit on boards as an exec & non-exec director helping you realise your vision.

Intellectual Property, technical roadmaps, develoment team organisation are a few of the things I can bring.

I’m currently working with:

An AI Chat start-up, an S&P 100 companies innovation team, a video recruitment SaaS start-up,
Raspberry Pi, cxpartners, and a Pet Healthcare start-up.

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