webbynode - Cloud Computing for Developers

There is a new rapid development hosting solution available called webbynode. It is currently in Beta, but promises to be pretty big and very useful for us developers out there.

What is Webbynode?

Webbynode is a solution for developers who want to deploy their applications easier and faster; without loosing any control over their environment. We introduce a new concept - which is something we like to call ReadyStacks (tm). Our idea behind this - is that whenever you add a webby to your system you can have a ready-to-deploy environment with only a few clicks. We officially offer Ruby on Rails, Django & LAMP, however you might find more specialized Stacks through our CommunityStacks.


  • ReadyStacks for easier deployment of your applications, Rails, Django & LAMP

  • Community Stacks, with extended support for, Merb Stack, Mail Stack, etc

  • Root access for full Control of your Environment

  • Reconfigure your Webby at any time with a few clicks

  • Xen Virtualization Technology

  • Custom Xen Management System and Control Panel writteon on Ruby on Rails

  • Dual Quad Core Xeon (8 cores) servers with RAID-10 Storage

  • Private IPs for webby-2-webby connections

  • We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, German & Russian

  • Reserved & Dedicated RAM, CPU and Storage

  • Managed DNS

Check out more at the webbynode website