I’ve recently started using 500px for some of my images. As a long time Flickr user I’ve grown tired of the lack of updates and the UI has become a bit long in the tooth.

Flickr need to seriously consider upping their game. Just the other day there was this tweet from the guys at 500px “Flickr laid off 5 customer service employees recently. We hired three.”

Now that says something.

I’ve not discovered what the community is like on 500px yet, but I am sure it will be just as vibrant as Flickr. I don’t think I will be jumping shop completely from Flickr just yet, as it does provide a place to share all of my images, professional work and random snaps. But for showing work off, that’s going to be 500px from now on - it’s just more slick.

beautiful teardrop by Michael McKelvaney (mckelvaney) on 500px.combeautiful teardrop by Michael McKelvaney