Moving a WordPress blog to Octopress on Mac OS X

So if you have a WordPress blog that you want to migrate to Octopress then you’ll probably have come accross the excellent exitwp tool, if you haven’t then be sure to check it out.

Now, the only issue with exitwp is that it’s geared towards a Linux setup. Not a problem if you’re running a flavour of Linux.
But what about those who are on OS X? (sorry Windows users, you’ll have to find your own way)

** Getting Ready **

John Starr Dewar has written some excellent instructions that make it a breeze.
First off you’ll need to install pip on OS X, you can find the instructions here -

Then you’ll have to install the dependencies and put the XML export from WordPress into the correct folder. See this page for further info

** Clearing Up **

When exitwp converts the posts you might want to check over them, this can be a labourious task if your blog had a lot of posts. But it is needed.
For example, when I converted my posts some WP meta data got moved over. It just shows up in the post looking like this - [caption id=”attachment_56” align=”alignnone” width=”300” caption=”(REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach)”]

Oh dear :(
Just open it up in your favourite text editor and clean up the post. Job done.

Then as usual run rake generate and rake preview to have a look before you go live.