Campus Pool

Last year a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in getting involved with a project that was due to turn an abandoned swimming pool in to a skatepark — a prefect subject for time-lapse. So being the curious type, I wanted to know more.
I was then introduced to Andre Sidel and Tim Noakes, who are more commonly known collectively as Campus Skatepark. From the moment I met them I could tell that they were very passionate about what they do.
Campus Skatepark is probably summed up best in their own words:

“In 2011 we set out as one Youth Worker and once Social Worker to use the positive energy and influence of skateboarding to engage with children and young people. “Rebranding youth work” is a bold statement but it is something that we strongly believe we are doing.
It is our belief that they best way to work with young people is to provide an inclusive space that gives opportunities for socialising and personal development without pressure to conform.”

And knowing this only strengthend my eagerness to get involved with the project.

With the support from Lobster Pictures, I installed a time-lapse camera inside the swimming pool. As ever it is important to capture footage as early as possible.
So with Andre armed with the kets and the ink not quite dry on the contracts, we got straight down there.

The shot

With the eventual use of the space in mind and some constraints on the position of the camera — I decided to use an 8mm fisheye lens on the camera. This meant that I was able to install the camera flat on and looking down the centre line of the pool.

The edit

After some procrastination on what to do with the edit and some sage advise from a good friend of mine, I had it. A little faster paced than the first edit & even a new way of grading — overall I’m really pleased with it. See the final time-lapse video below.