Brew Day at Verdant Brewing Co.

Before Verdant closed their doors on the Viaduct Works brewery in 2016 to move to the new Tresidder Close address, I joined them on a brew day to document the process.

The video, along with photography, was created as marketing material for a round of funding that they were about to embark on in March 2016. You can read their story about a young brewery raising capital on their blog -

Verdant are a brewery that are going from strength to strength, they have received numerous endorsements over the last year, including Best New Brewery of 2106 by Honest Brew.

Be sure to keep an eye on them for 2017! 🍻

If you have a fledging brewery or business that you’d like to showcase with some eye catching video or photography, get in touch and we’ll create some eye candy for the internet!

Special thanks to Josh Brown for scoring the music to the video. If you like what you head, you should check out his work, he is very good -