Fujifilm X100S (+ Vs Canon 5D MKII)

Please note: I am not trying to bash the 5D MKII here. I am also aware that the MKII is now ~5 years old and thus it is not fair comparing this to brand new tech. It just so happened to be the other camera I was carrying on my person.

A couple of weeks ago I had to travel to Pori in Finland to rig a time-lapse camera in a ship yard. I was flying out of Heathrow T3 where there is a Dixons Travel, who usually have a good range of cameras for sale.

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Stop Instagram likes appearing on Facebook

Like Instagram but not your likes on Facebook? Well read on partner - here’s how to stop that. These instructions are for Instagram for iOS

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Moving a WordPress blog to Octopress on Mac OS X

So if you have a WordPress blog that you want to migrate to Octopress then you’ll probably have come accross the excellent exitwp tool, if you haven’t then be sure to check it out.

Now, the only issue with exitwp is that it’s geared towards a Linux setup. Not a problem if you’re running a flavour of Linux.
But what about those who are on OS X? (sorry Windows users, you’ll have to find your own way)

** Getting Ready **

John Starr Dewar has written some excellent instructions that make it a breeze.
First off you’ll need to install pip on OS X, you can find the instructions here -

Then you’ll have to install the dependencies and put the XML export from WordPress into the correct folder. See this page for further info

** Clearing Up **

When exitwp converts the posts you might want to check over them, this can be a labourious task if your blog had a lot of posts. But it is needed.
For example, when I converted my posts some WP meta data got moved over. It just shows up in the post looking like this - [caption id=”attachment_56” align=”alignnone” width=”300” caption=”(REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach)”]

Oh dear :(
Just open it up in your favourite text editor and clean up the post. Job done.

Then as usual run rake generate and rake preview to have a look before you go live.

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A new blog - with octopress

After debating starting a blog again for long time, I’ve finally made a descision to do so. Recenty I’ve been working on some sites that use an scripts to produce html files from database content. They do this to squeeze performance from the web server. So, after looking for a blogging engine for a while (especially one that’s not Wordpress) - I found octopress.

So, it’s up and running and I’ll get busy with some posts.

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I’ve recently started using 500px for some of my images. As a long time Flickr user I’ve grown tired of the lack of updates and the UI has become a bit long in the tooth.

Flickr need to seriously consider upping their game. Just the other day there was this tweet from the guys at 500px “Flickr laid off 5 customer service employees recently. We hired three.”

Now that says something.

I’ve not discovered what the community is like on 500px yet, but I am sure it will be just as vibrant as Flickr. I don’t think I will be jumping shop completely from Flickr just yet, as it does provide a place to share all of my images, professional work and random snaps. But for showing work off, that’s going to be 500px from now on - it’s just more slick.

beautiful teardrop by Michael McKelvaney (mckelvaney) on 500px.combeautiful teardrop by Michael McKelvaney

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Last August, I went to Creamfields on behalf of Lobster Pictures to shoot time lapse of the festival, with my colleagues Peter Tecks and Steve Flanagan.

It was a looooong weekend, my feet were hurting, I was soaked through, my ears were ringing and I felt exhausted after the whole affair. But boy was it worth it!

Cream have released a promo video for the festival which features the footage that we shot. From the beginning ‘till about 16 seconds in.

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Back from the East

Have spent a little over a week in the UAE I have my feet firmly on the ground back in Bristol. I thought I would post a small snippet of what I got up to out there. Along with a few shots from my trip.

I was mainly out there for work travelling from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah and then to Habshan, Shweihan and finally Dubai. Quite a lot of miles were clocked up! I took a couple of days out in Dubai to shoot some time lapse and take a look around the place, which I’ve not had chance to do before.

I visited the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building - that thing really is huge! It dominated the skyline, but looks very majestic at the same time. I also took a trip up to the viewing platform on level 124, called ‘At The Top’ - which it isn’t, there’s 209 (163 of which are habitable). Never the less, it’s impressive. Here is a shot from the viewing deck : From the Burj Khalifa

I also managed to shoot some time lapse from the viewing deck. I’m currently editing the footage, but here is a shot that shows the setup : Achievement Unlocked: Shoot time lapse from the world's tallest building

The Dubai Fountains that surround the Burj Khalifa are just as impressive as the building itself. It’s no surprise that they also are the largest in the world. Why would they build anything less than that!?

I was also lucky enough to be able to stay with a friend out in Dubai, who lives in the Dubai Marina. I shot some time lapse from his balcony too, here’s a setup of that one : Next time lapse shot rigged up

It’s not my first trip to Dubai, and it certainly won’t be the last. I really enjoy going out there, as bonkers as it is!

I’m working through the footage that I shot in Dubai, I will post it as soon as it’s ready (:

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DOS games, on your Mac is an open source DOS emulator allowing you to play your old DOS games right inside Mac OS X. What a treat! More info –

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Beautiful sunset over Bristol yesterday, taken with Instagram at Hinton near Bath

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Adobe is quitting flash development on mobile platforms

This seems like a good thing. Another big backer for the open web.

There is one thing in this press release that sounds a little alarm bell  - “We will also allow our source code licensees to continue working on and release their own implementations.” This sounds like Flash on mobile devices will still be available if manufacturers are willing to port it, does that mean it will start to become fragmented and different devices with have different levels of functionality?

Read the official Adobe word here -

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